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Monthly Feature II


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First of all we here at the Bramble Patch wish to thank all those Pygmy and Nubian Breeders whos hard work and breeding have been and continue to be the driving force in our success as Kinder breeders. Thank you so much!

Boone Companions


Bramble Patch Kinder Concord third generations buck who has given so many great traits to our herd. We have semen of this buck for sale.


Bramble Patch Kinder Morgan who was sired by Concord continues to show his wonderful bloodlines in our herd. Morgan is the sire of Bramble Patch Kinder Devine. Devine only needs one more leg to become a Permanent Grand Champion. We also have semen of Morgan for sale.


Bramble Patch Kinder Hickory sired the first Kinder doe to become a Permanent Grand Champion in the Kinder Association. Bramble Patch Kinder Taffy. Taffys picture can be seen on our Home Web Page.


Bramble Patch Kinder Devine always receives so many wonderful comments on her lovely udder and attachment. Devine milks very well and we hope that she will receive her star at the next one-day milk testing.





BPK Ziegfield is a super Pygmy buck that was bred and raised here at the Bramble Patch. He is the sire of Bramble Patch Kinder Kaffee. Kaffee also just needs one more leg to become a Permanent Grand Champion Kinder doe. We have semen of Ziegfield for sale.


Bramble Patch Kinder Kaffee is a super little Kinder doe that evaluates as excellent. BPK Ziegfield and Dawn Dollane NPC Easter Moment sired this lovely doe. Kaffee is 5 years old and has given so many great qualities to our Bramble Patch herd.

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