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Monthly Feature 2


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Nickel's Lamancha and Nubian Dairy Goats

Just a few of the Nickel Clan....


Boone Companions

GCH Nickel's Mystic Malone 3*M is currently 2nd on the Top Ten list  for milk. She is the maternal sister of our Sr herd sire *B Nickel's Mystery Malone. Mystic is a good illustration of our requirements -- they must milk and show both as our milking line-up is our show string! When our girls are ready to retire from the 'road' we look for homes where their genetics will be used to top advantage. Mystic moved to Santee Caprines, Jamestown, South Carolina in early spring which has prevented her from linear appraisal this year.


Nubians are our first love, and in fact our herd name is advertised still "NICKEL'S NUBIANS" kind of ironic when over half our number sport a different ear style!!


Stepping forward to take her place is GCH Nickel's Mary Katherine.4*M. Mary K recently appraised 91 EEEE and is setting her course for a 3000# lactation this season.  She is joined by her half sister on her sire's side GCH Nickel's Hazel Bush in an Excellent Linear appraisal. We were thrilled to have Hazel scored 90 EEEE as a six year old. Hazel already claims a Top Ten lactation and Best in Show wins. These two +*B Nickel Billy Shears daughters are joined by a third! Nickel's Emanem 3*M who is our aged doe this season was scored 90 as well!


Lamancha success has been sure and steady. GCH Nickel's Viktorya 2*M a Best in Show doe who classified 92 EEEE at seven years of age has appeared on the Top Ten list for her breed as well. She is joined by GCH Nickel's No Frills 3*M 90 EEEE also a Top Ten production visitor. That production and conformation are hereditary is a proven fact here at Nickel farm. No Frills' paternal sister, sired by Viki's nephew scored 90 VEEE . She is no other than the current Breed Leader for milk in the United States --GCH Nickel's Gala 3*M


Our 40th permanent championship is still pending. GCH Nickel's Way Cool 3*M pleased us with her wins in May to complete her 'degree' begun as a senior kid. We are looking forward to Way Cool 's contribution in the production department this year as well. She scored 88 VEEV in June. There is a lot to like about this three year old.

Bruce and I are joined in our love of dairy goats, their competition in

the show ring and in production by two nieces and a nephew. We feel

that the team approach to management is of benefit to all.

Nancy and Bruce Nickel
910 Harper Rd
Please visit the Nickel's web site at