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Boon Companions

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*********We have a new site at  This old site will be taken down at a later date.  Please visit our new site.  Thank you!*****************

Boon Companions is a goat club for the residents of mid-Missouri.  Our members include breeders of Alpine, Boer, Kinder, Lamancha, Nigerian Dwarf, Nubian, Oberhasli, Recorded Grade, Saanen, Sable, Toggenburg and other breeds and crosses of goats.  We encourage participation of youth in the goat industry through 4-H and FFA.  We try to develop the knowledge base of the general public regarding goats by participating in community events where goats can be present and/or pamphlets or mini-lectures can be distributed or presented.

download 2014 Buck Show Entry form

click here to download buck show rules