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What are the Boon Companions up to?

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Upcoming Events


download 2014 Buck Show rules

download buck show entry form here

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Our next meeting will be our holiday party on December 6, 2014 at the Warren home.
New for 2014 - 3-ring buck show - Autumn Romance
August 30 & 31.  The judges are Yvonne Blosser, Don Bergfield and Jennifer Lohman-Petterson.  Sanctions applied for. We will have an ai clinic and semen collection. 
Our 2014 Triple Crown Show was a success!
2014 Triple Crown show sponsors:
Laura Warren & family - alpine (1/2)
Janet Smith - alpine (1/2)
Laurie Gilles - lamancha (1/2)
Becky & Gregg Mathiot - nigerian dwarf (1/2)
Laurie Gilles - nubian (1/2)
Janet Smith - saanen (1/2)
Janet Cooper - sable
Patty & Mike Carr - recorded grade (1/2)